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Santa Cruz Logo Design

Whether you’re just starting up a new enterprise, or ready to take your business to the next level, a new logo can become the centerpiece of your brand identity.

We strive for simplicity, character and above all, scalability in our brandmarks. And our clients will point out that our logo design has become their most important brand asset.

Sometimes just “revisiting” the original design can work wonders. Fact is, we’ve rebranded companies simply by updating color palettes and typography.

Rethinking the company symbol during a rebranding is optimal of course. The power of a firm’s logo grows as the company grows, as it appears more often representing you in all your marketing.

It’s helpful if your logo designer is in your area so you can meet face to face. In our case, because we’re located between Los Gatos and Santa Cruz, we serve clients in both Santa Cruz county and Santa Clara county. You’ll find our logos on companies from Morgan Hill and Watsonville to Silicon Valley and the East Bay. We’re happy to drive “over the hill” to strategize in person and show progress as we develop your brand identity.

Here are a few samples of logos designed by Patrick Mountain Brand Marketing. Consider giving us a call when you want to capture the essence of your corporate spirit.

Samples of logos designed by a Santa Cruz design firm

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