SureHarvest Branding



Project Overview

Jeff Dlott originally called on Patrick to develop a website for his young company, Real Toolbox. Soon, though, they were discussing a brand development proposal including both a new name and logo. Dr. Dlott was willing to consider alternatives. Patrick presented a list of six solid contenders, all with available URL's.

With the choice of SureHarvest as a brand name, Patrick found a perfect illustration, purchased usage rights and combined a font and tagline. Soon a color palette and typographic treatment took life in a business system, presentation folder and data sheets.

Patrick then built the initial site with implementation help from Mark Plummer. Brandwear followed and by year-end a new brochure was being sent to prospects and a tradeshow booth had been designed and built.

Patrick continues to consult with SureHarvest, extending the brand with fractional ads, email blasts, CD labels User Guide, Press Releases and new collateral. A new site built over a content management system was designed as the company's software offerings grew to include new markets. SureHarvest is a case in point that rapidly growing upstarts provide a sky's-the-limit atmosphere simply not available with established Fortune 500 firms. Truth is, we love it.