Clients know us better than anyone,
so when they gush, we blush.

Our clients can choose their marketing partners.
So when they say nice things about working with us, it's important.

“Specialized has always been very particular about how we project our brand image. Patrick helped us develop that image and has always understood what constitutes good creative. Our relationship spans over 25 years, and the work always captures a clean look-and-feel that’s timeless.”

--Mike Sinyard, President & CEO / Specialized Bicycle Components

“Patrick Mountain was chosen for their realistic perspective and ability to devote a full-time effort to the account. They surpassed all expectations and created a corporate brand campaign that was more creative, less expensive and produced in a shorter timeframe than any I have been involved in from Madison Avenue To Silicon Valley.”

--Brad Gulmi, Director of Marketing / iNiku

“Patrick Mountain's core strength is the ability to precisely translate corporate strategy into insightful creative executions. The result is a brand that stands out among the competition - even in increasingly saturated markets.”

--Kara Kerker, Director of Marketing / think3

“Great creative and exceptional customer service bring me back to Patrick Mountain time and again. They consistently produce high- impact work that meets my communication objectives AND deadlines. After 15 years in corporate marketing, I find them to be one of the top firms I've had the pleasure to work with.”

--Drusie Demopoulos, Vice President, Marketing / Foundry Networks

“Our challenge was a brand personality. We wanted panache with an edge, something that would mature us from product-only to a real identity. It worked--our new face reflects across website, collateral, and print ads. Patrick Mountain had the right talent to make it happen.”

--Shawn Hansen, Director of Marketing / CacheFlow

“Whether the project is big or small, the time frame reasonable or not, somehow Patrick Mountain and team know exactly what to do. Their keen sense for each situation and ability to deliver state-of-the-art creative is a brilliant combination and quite valuable to us.”

--Richard Snee, Vice President, Special Projects / Silicon Graphics

“Patrick's team created an ingenious positioning for our company. In a review of our boat in a sailing magazine, the writer praised our promotional materials as well as our boats.”

--Terry Alsberg, President / Alsberg Racing Yachts>

“Patrick has always been a vital member of our team from the beginning. Since then, no matter what changes we underwent, he's always made us look as big as we knew we'd become.”

Carl Engelbrecht, Director, Product Engineering / Mouse Systems

“Patrick understands the power of a brand. I’ve found him to be a reliable team player with a passion for quality. He attends our tradeshows, makes proactive suggestions and for seven years has been a responsive marketing partner. The agency’s work has helped us develop a corporate image that fully represents our superior products.”

--Dan Garvin, Director of Sales / The Montague Company

“My internet site always brought in business, but when Patrick picked new photos, rewrote the copy and designed a clean new layout, sales doubled almost overnight! Since our old name had a steroid connotation, he’s changed the name to Alphacura and had a new symbol designed for us. We’re thrilled with the new packaging.”

Scott Duncan, President / Alphacura Labs