An agency approach to designing a client website.

The Website Design Process

We’re in the middle of several website proposals, so I’ve thinking about the optimum process of developing a site, since allotting time to address each step will ensure client happiness and a solid brand experience.

So having a defined approach covering all the necessary steps is crucial in both estimating a project. And in educating a client to grasp the complexities of the design process.

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logo grouping showing logos applied on stationery and products

Santa Cruz Logo Design

Whether you’re just starting up a new enterprise, or ready to take your business to the next level, a new logo can become the centerpiece of your brand identity.

We strive for simplicity, character and above all, scalability in our brandmarks. And our clients will point out that our logo design has become their most important brand asset.

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Rusted rural mailboxes near Patrick Mountain Brand Marketing.

Email Delivers the Message

Email–when considering all forms of brand message delivery–is simply terrific for push marketing. Here are three reasons why we like it:

Analytics.  First and foremost, unlike direct mail or print ads, our clients can track rates for opens, pass-throughs and click-throughs. You simply can’t do that with other media. You know who got your message and who didn’t. That’s key.

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