LVL Corporate Capabilities


Lai, Venutti, Lai

Project Overview

LVL, the second biggest shop in Silicon Valley, asked us to design a capabilities piece for their media saavy shop. This was to be a flat-out gorgeous piece showcasing their talents — a dream assignment.

So Patrick devised a metaphor about competition, taken from sports, where a good coach (agency) forces you (the client) to compete against yourself.

Karen Kwan took the lead on design and presented the concept to the agency with atheletes to be shot by Nike shooter John Huet, oversized, blind debossed on special art stock. To LVL's enduring credit, they loved it!

We hired a GAP VP to write the copy by moonlight, which was flat out spectacular. Karen flew to LA with John for one day and came back with truly incredible images. Woods Litho in Phoenix applied proprietary 600 dpi quadtones. The result is unquestionably the finest print piece we've ever produced. So good in fact that LVL hired both Karen and the GAP writer. Not a great trade for us, but hey, the portfolio sample is stunning