Editorial Design for a Lifestyle Magazine


Monterey Life Magazine

Project Overview

Hired by Publisher Neale Johnson and Editor Jeff Whitmore to revamp Monterey Life, a struggling city publication, Patrick started with a clean slate, specifying all typographic elements for the cover, table of contents and department titles. Looking back, that structure has withstood the test of time, ultimately winning Maggie Awards for Best New City Publication

Patrick's involvement as Design Director was to design several monthly feature spreads and work with Art Director Bill Cooke to select photography, solve fit problems, color-correct proofs, etc.

Monterey is home to a wealth of excellent artists and photographers, thus it was a continuing pleasure to deliver editorial design featuring the nature photography of Frans Lanting, et. al. Interestingly, Bill Cooke left publication production to become a well-known nature illustrator. He resides and shows his award-winning work in Australia.